I had this idea of combining the words s’mores and awesome together and decided to bring it to life! The fall weather really reminds me of sitting by a bonfire and making s’mores. mmmhh.
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De Hortus Amsterdam - Leon Blokzijl
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Packaging Illustrations - Aitch
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My Boo Casio - Jordan Cheung
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Big fans of Will Harvey’s abstract pattern work here at Wrap, especially this rocky repeat see more at will-harvey.com.
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“Pikachu, you can’t go around farting everywhere. You gotta learn to cover it up, like me - otherwise, everyone will think you’re gross.”
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Dan Rhatigan on Ryman Eco from Grey London on Vimeo.


Typeverything.com - Download Ryman Eco by Dan Rhatigan.

A great approach to starting to create a more environmental way of printing. 

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Sheffield Fashion Week - Jenna Walsh
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